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Jack Ross Ammunition produces the finest reloaded ammo in 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 auto at the best price available. Ammunition is loaded on site using 3 Mark-X high speed loaders, and all brass is processed on Scharch Range Masters. Each round is individually inspected and gauged to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Please stop by out factory store in Reno (tours available) or visit one of our many dealers for all your bulk ammo needs.

.40 S&W Ammo Review From Gun Warrior

Jack Ross Ammunition Review from Gun Warrior (Read original article)

This is a review of Jack Ross .40 S&W ammunition. Jack Ross .40 S&W ammunition uses new brass, with CCI primers, Alliant Power Pistol smokeless powder, and 155gr RNFP bullets from X-Treme Bullets in Carson City, NV.

This review uses the following equipment:

  • Jack Ross.40 S&W ammunition
  • CCI Blazer Brass .40 S&W 155gr ammunition
  • Reloaded .40 S&W 155gr ammunition at various charges
  • Competition Electronics Pro Chrono Digital Chronograph
  • Glock Model 22 Generation 3 Pistol in .40 S&W

Using a chronograph, the following data was recorded:

  • Jack Ross: H=913 L=876 AVG=896 ES=37 SD=12
  • Blazer Brass: H=1054 L=928 AVG=1000 ES=126 SD=58
  • 6.6gr Reload: H=1008 L=959 AVG=981 ES=49 SD=24
  • 7.0gr Reload: H=1049 L=1028 AVG=1037 ES=21 SD=8
  • 7.6gr Reload: H=1115 L=1095 AVG=1106 ES=21 SD=7
  • 8.2gr Reload: H=1174 L=1128 AVG=1147 ES=46 SD=13

In my own testing with the Glock Model 22, I discovered that while 8.2gr is a safe maximum charge, it yields poor first-shot accuracy and is too powerful to remain on target. The same was generally true for 7.6 grain charges, which became more accurate and comfortable around 7.0gr. Using a charge of 6.6gr, I discovered the best compromise of comfort and accuracy.

In comparison, the Jack Ross .40 S&W 180gr ammunition charges enough powder to remain accurate, while offering the shooter the least amount of recoil possible without sacrifice. Jack Ross only offers 180gr locally-made bullets at this caliber, and our tests showed an average velocity of nearly 900 fps.

I recommend Jack Ross .40 S&W ammunition for training and target practice, with range not more than 35 yards.
Read more at http://www.gunwarrior.com/531/jack-ross-40-ammunition-review/#Efmh0HSPvWCdMilB.99

Freedom vs. Jack Ross – Reloaded Ammo

Below is a discussion about different reloaded bulk ammo: Freedom vs. Jack Ross – Reloaded Ammo within the The Ammo Can forums, part of the Armory Talk category;

In this thread, I will give brief review of each of these two popular discount reloaders.

Ordering and delivery:

I first placed an order with Jack Ross on February 6th after seeing their deal posted on Slickguns. Order 1000 rounds of 9mm reloads for $159 + 12.50 shipping. Previously, I had always purchased cases of factory ammo at around $200, but these deals were getting harder to find, so I thought I’d take a chance.

After placing the order, I didn’t hear anything for quite a while. On March 7th, I shot them an email asking if it would take much longer. On March 8th, I received a response stating that they were still processing January orders and asked if I wished to cancel. They also said that if I wished to wait, that I would not be disappointed in their product. They also explained how short handed they were. I liked the personal touch and decided to wait.

On April 5th, I received an email stating that my order had been “completed” and I received a FedEx tracking number shortly thereafter. I received the package on April 11th.

A slightly different story with Freedom. I placed an order for 1000 “Blaster” training rounds on March 2nd and was changed $163.21. I received an email from them with a tracking number on March 5th. I then received a call from them on March 6th stating that their ordering system had been off and they undercharged me so asked for my authority to charge an additional $14.43. I thought this was a little odd, especially considering that I had already received a tracking number, but it was still a good deal so I agreed. I received the package on March 12th.

The Freedom Blaster Training Rounds came first. They came in bulk packaging in a big box with 250 rounds in each. I haven’t counted every box, but one of the boxes had a few additional rounds. I think in the two boxes, I got about 10 additional rounds, +/- a couple.

They looked “OK”. Some looked great but most had slight blemishes. It looked as though they brass casings didn’t spend much time in the tumbler. The bullets looked good for the most part, but some (I would guesstimate about 15-20%) had some visible marks/nicks. Some of these blemishes could have resulted from them being tumbled around in the bulk boxes.

Jack Ross rounds came in individual boxes of 50 rounds in plastic holders, just like factory ammo. For most of the ammo (I inspected 4 boxes), it looked very close to factory ammo and you would have a hard time telling it apart from such from more than a few inches away. Since they are individually packed, there is no chance of getting “extra” rounds.

I shot about 200 rounds of the Freedom and 150 rounds of Jack Ross so far.

My first time out with Freedom, I experience my first ever malfunctions with my pistol (9mm CZ P-01). I had 2 failure to feed after about 100 rounds. These rounds seemed much dirtier than anything else I had shot through the pistol previously (S&B, WWB, Remington) and completely covered the feed ramp in carbon after 100 rounds. That, couple with the slight imperfections in the bullet is what I think caused the rounds to “stick” and not feed smoothly.

Other than that, the rounds shot well and accuracy and felt recoil was on par with other rounds I’ve shot.

After shooting, cleaning the pistol confirmed my initial thought that this ammo was “dirtier”. I really had to scrub some of the black powder/carbon off. I had to let my barrel sit in Hoppes for a while so it could break down the build up on my feed ramp and scrub and actually scrape it off with my finger nails.

I didn’t experience any problems with the Jack Ross ammo and I would say that it shot pretty much on par with my favorite 9mm round, S&B. No malfunctions and not very dirty.

Cleaning the pistol afterwards was much easier and every came off easily. Not much of a build up on the feed ramp or other places. This was 50 rounds less, however.

If I can wait or if Jack Ross can speed up their orders, I will go with them in the future. I think it is a much better value (costs less for better ammo). I don’t think that Freedom ammo is a bad deal, but they are definitely in a different class. Freedom does offer non “Blaster Training” ammo, which I think are better reloads for $189+shipping per case of 1000, which I think would be more comparable to the Jack Ross reloads, but that would be roughly 22-23% more expensive and comparable price of factory ammo.

Jack Ross 9mm Ammo Review

Jack Ross Ammunition Review from MinuteManReview.com (Read original article)

OK, you may remember that I reviewed some .45ACP ammo made by Jack Ross Ammunition. If not, here is the LINK.

I recently got some more ammo. This time, 500 rounds of their 9mm factory reloaded ammo which sells for $79.50 and includes FREE SHIPPING to California, Nevada, and Utah! Nevada Residents do have to pay sales tax (which amounts to $6.14).

It comes packaged in the the 50 round white boxes you see above.

As you can see from the picture above, it is mixed headstamp brass. If not for that, and the packaging that states it, you probably wouldn’t know it was factory reloads. I inspected each round personally from my 500, and found nothing that stood out to me about this ammo. It was all uniform.

Shooting of the 500 rounds was flawless in several handguns, including two Glock 17′s, an S&W SD9, and a Kahr PM9.

Accuracy was acceptable at 10 yards (obviously I shoot my Glock a little better than the SD9).

I have read around on the forums that some people were upset with a delay in shipping that Jack Ross had been experiencing. I am not sure what the current delay might be on this ammo, so you probably want to check with them before ordering if you need it really soon.

I can tell you that the reason for the delay is clearly because people are starting to see what a good value this ammo is (the 9mm reloads cost roughly $0.16 per round, lowest I can find 9mm for, including Wolf and other steel cased offerings). It works great from my experience. I know several people who have placed orders with them now and will continue to keep you informed in the future about what I hear and see with them.

I didn’t find it to be particularly dirty, at least not any more than Winchester, Federal, or Remington, which is what I usually shoot in 9mm.

If you want some quality practice 9mm ammo, I think you will struggle to find a better value right now than Jack Ross Ammunition.

Jack Ross Ammunition Review

Jack Ross Ammunition Review from MinuteManReview.com (Read original article)

Like many gun owners, I find myself being pretty loyal to ammo manufacturers that make quality ammunition at an affordable price. When I heard about a new ammunition company that was based out of Nevada (my home state) I was immediately interested in learning more.

Jack Ross Ammunition

I was pretty happy to get my hands on a box of Jack Ross .45ACP to test out. Generally, I like to do my evaluation of ammo brands after I have shot thousands on rounds of it, but for now, the 50 rounds of FMJ .45ACP I got will have to suffice as an initial “review”.

Jack Ross .45ACP

I carefully inspected each and every round and found them to have been made uniformly from what I could tell on the outside. Unlike what I saw in the pics on the website, my rounds were made with nickel plated brass instead of regular brass. I inquired about the issue (not a complaint because nickel plated brass is actually a “bonus” feature). This was the response:

“Hi Marshall, I generally use brass but I got a good deal on some nickel that I couldn’t pass up. I use standard loads, and don’t load +p. Hope you like the ammo.”

Well, as it turns out, I did.

The gun we used was a Springfield Loaded. It grouped as well as I am capable with 7 shots at 10 yards. We churned out several similar groups. The ammo and our gun did it’s part when we did ours.

No problems with the function of the ammo whatsoever, it was flawless. Seems pretty clean as well.

Jack Ross Ammunition makes ammo in 3 calibers right now, 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP. They plan on adding other calibers soon, including but not limited to .38 special and .380, as well as rifle calibers, starting with .223.

They have good prices on bulk ammo with FREE SHIPPING on cases to folks in California and Nevada.

I would gladly use Jack Ross Ammunition again and hope to get my hands on some more for review on my blog(s), including the .40S&W, 9mm, .380 and .223.

Contact Jack Ross Ammo today for your ammunition needs!